Take advantage of the shopping opportunities that Fayetteville has to offer. Everything from casual to upmarket, with trendy local businesses and major chains, there is something for everyone to enjoy in our area. You may find one-of-a-kind and handcrafted things in this neighborhood, which is home to a community of artists and crafters. When meandering through downtown Fayetteville’s stores, stopping by a maker fair, or looking for antiques, there are numerous possibilities to bring a piece of Fayetteville back home with you.


There is always something to do in and around Fayetteville Square, whether you have just finished a long day at work or are seeking to get some exercise on a Wednesday afternoon. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to peruse the amazing selection of downtown Fayetteville shopping alternatives, which are spread out over a few city blocks. Block Street is home to more than a dozen businesses, ranging from high-end sustainable design to casual everyday clothes, as well as a few snacks to keep your shopping energy up while you browse.

The Best Place In Fayetteville to Buy Outdoor Gear

Given the fact that a city is situated in the midst of what is widely regarded as some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the entire country, it should come as no surprise that active lifestyle enthusiasts will be able to find excellent retail options for outdoor gear without having to travel far. In addition to the incredible destinations for hiking, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, and kayaking in the surrounding area, we’ve compiled an insider’s look at the best local stores for outstanding products supported by knowledgeable staff eager to share the insider tips that will make your adventures in the Natural State even better.

Shippable and Walkable Areas Fayetteville NC

You must take the time to explore the amazing selection of downtown Fayetteville retail possibilities, which are spread out across a few blocks and can be done in an afternoon or even an hour if you have the time. Block Avenue and Dickson Street are a veritable wonderland of independently owned businesses that provide courteous service and unique merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else. Moreover, when your retail therapy results in an inevitable appetite and thirst, the most difficult decision will be deciding where to stop in for a few snacks and a specialty drink or two among all of the possibilities!

Flying Possum Leather

Flying Possum Leather is one of a handful of true institutions that contribute significantly more than their fair share to preserving Fayetteville’s uniqueness, and it is one of those establishments. This amazing shop, which has been in operation since 1976, is dedicated to the creation and sale of unique items at a time when mass manufacturing has nearly supplanted the creativity and workmanship of handmade leatherwork.

The Best Clothing Boutiques in Fayetteville NC

As a wise woman (Bo Derek) once quipped, “Whoever stated that money couldn’t buy happiness just didn’t know where to go shopping” didn’t know where she was talking about. Because you’re in luck, Fayetteville is full of amazing clothing boutiques that provide exceptional customer service, pay close attention to current fashion trends, and have selections to suit all ages and budget ranges, among other things. In part because of an excellent apparel studies program at the University of Arkansas and the biannual NWA Fashion Week—a dynamic organization with a mission to highlight fashion trends, local brands, and up-and-coming designers—the Northwest Arkansas region is home to a rapidly expanding fashion industry.

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