A Commercial electrician installs or keeps the electrical equipment and wiring in commercial buildings like stores, offices, and restaurants. They train apprentices and supervise skilled helpers.

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In most cases, a commercial electrician starts a job by looking at technical and architectural plans. The process of searching for the job usually begins with an on-the-job interview.

Duties of Commercial Electrician

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Commercial electricians are also responsible for installing control systems such as control panels, circuit breakers, and switches. Some of this equipment includes refrigerators, ovens, defrosters, escalators, security lights, and heating systems.

They typically do not install windows and doors. They install and repair transformers and generators. They also make sure that the building structure is safe and secure.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Electrician

There are several advantages to hiring a commercial electrician. Some are given below:

  • Hiring an electrician reduces construction costs because they carry out the entire building wiring process.
  • Electricians carry out preliminary work such as electrical inspections and wiring.
  • It reduces the cost of construction materials, labor costs, and costs due to accidents.
  • Electricians are licensed and certified by various state boards.

Salary of Commercial Electrician

The most important advantage of becoming a commercial electrician is the enormous salary offered. They earn between forty and seventy thousand dollars a year, making the salary package quite attractive for most working families.

Electricians can also earn significantly more if they specialize in certain areas such as refrigeration control systems, ventilation, chemical systems, and control systems.

How to Become a Certified Commercial Electrician?

To become certified as an electrician, a high school diploma is usually required. Applicants may obtain a discount on the tuition if they have taken science, math, computer science, and mechanical engineering in high school.

Applicants with a high school diploma or GED are accepted into two-year programs that will train them to handle the electrical systems of commercial businesses.

They typically start the programs at the junior college level and work their way up to the senior year. Electricians with a four-year bachelor’s degree and experience can often enroll in one of the accredited electrical schools in the United States.

For individuals interested in becoming a commercial electrician, they can do so by taking a training course offered by an accredited vocational school or technical school.

Most vocational schools and technical schools that offer this type of training will train individuals for several years before graduation. This apprenticeship program is one of the most popular ways for individuals to enter the commercial world.

During the apprenticeship, an individual will learn everything they need to know about installing different electrical systems, and they will receive extensive hands-on training that will help them gain valuable experience while helping their employer learn new things.

How to Get a Job as a Commercial Electrician

Even though there are numerous ways to get a job as a commercial electrician, the most popular way to get a job in the electrical profession is to obtain an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship program is one of the best ways to get started in the field because it will allow you to develop skills that will greatly improve your employability once you finish school.

You’re ready to start working for a firm. You’ll learn vastly different skills than you would if you went straight to an apprenticeship program because you’ll be working with other electrical workers.

You’ll be working alongside people who’ve been in the field for years, making you more knowledgeable and capable of performing much better jobs.

Sometimes, commercial electrician jobs will require the electrician to install and repair different types of residential home wiring systems. Regardless of the job that they are working on, commercial electrician jobs typically have a high starting salary and a good amount of benefits.

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