When it comes to Solar Panels, Florida is home to some of the most talented solar energy companies. Momentum Solar offers solar power systems in Tampa and provides a clean alternative to traditional energy. This is the company that you should choose if you want to enjoy the benefits of using solar power.

Get the Best Solar Panels in Tampa From the Tampa Solar Company

Net metering

Net metering is a way to sell excess electricity generated by solar panels back to your utility. This process allows you to earn more money for the electricity you produce than you consume. As a result, your utility will offer to buy the electricity back from you at a higher price than you’d pay to generate it yourself. In Florida, the Florida Power & Light Company, the state’s largest utility, supports the bill, and it stands by its editorial.

In addition to helping you earn more money from your solar power system, you’ll also help the environment. Solar electricity is one of the most environmentally friendly power-generation systems available, because it produces power silently using the sun’s energy. Plus, it creates no air pollution or toxic waste. The best part is, you can design a solar energy system that suits your needs and budget. And thanks to Net Metering on Solar, you can enjoy increased savings from your power bill and protect yourself from energy inflation of up to three percent each year.

Tax credits

Tax credits for solar panels are an exciting opportunity for homeowners and businesses to cut their power bills and save money. Florida offers a wide range of incentives to get solar panels installed on your home, including property tax exemption and Net Metering. Net metering is a revolutionary scheme that allows you to sell excess power back to the power grid. The power company credits you for the surplus energy, helping to balance the power grid and reduce electricity costs for all homeowners.

Sales tax is also exempt from solar panels and systems in Florida. This relief is equivalent to 26 percent of the total cost of the system. Another benefit of using solar panels is that they increase your property value. You can earn a return on your investment by selling your home for a higher price than what you paid for it.


The Tampa Solar Company uses LG panels to produce electricity for customers. These panels are made in South Korea and have had a low failure rate. However, since the tariff was implemented, the cost of imported panels increased by 30%. While LG panels are a viable alternative, The Tampa Solar Company prefers solar panels manufactured in the US. This company installs 310-watt panels and has had success with them for years.

The Tampa Solar Company has over a decade of experience installing solar panels. It has installed over 600 systems throughout Florida. It uses a variety of different panel types and can track the power output of systems for several years. The Tampa Solar Company installs PV panels from various manufacturers and has extensive experience with many of them. Their systems can be tracked for several years to see if they are performing as promised. Panasonic PV panels have a high failure rate, but they are a reputable brand.


The average home in Tampa, Florida, uses approximately 1,110 kWh per year. A solar panel with 400 watts can be installed on the roof of a typical home. Solar panels cost around $3,500 per panel and installation can be completed in a single day. Solar panels will pay for themselves in a matter of months, and Tampa homeowners insurance may cover them.

The Tampa Solar Company has a reputation for providing the best service and quality solar panels. Their reviews on HomeAdvisor are based on verified consumer feedback. The company also offers a free solar energy audit and $0 down payment options. Customers who have gone through this process say that the staff is friendly and highly professional.


If you’re considering solar panels for your Tampa home, you’ve come to the right place. Tampa, Florida, has a great sun-resource advantage over most other U.S. cities, averaging 5.67 hours of sunlight per day. By installing solar panels, you can dramatically reduce your reliance on the power grid while simultaneously creating more money for your home or business.

Solar panels can reduce your electric bill and add tax-exempt value to your home. You can even get a loan for solar panels, and the amount is typically lower than your monthly electric bill. In addition, solar panels add 4.1% to the value of your home, which can be a significant benefit.

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