Whether you want a glamorous retro look, or a more modern, clean cut, you can find the perfect hairstyle at Pinup Studio. The studio’s artists are passionate about their art, and are committed to continuing education and improvement. If you have any questions, you can contact them online, or request a consultation.

Hair Styles at Pinup Studio

Stacy Lande

If you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle for a pinup, look no further than Stacy Lande. Stacy specializes in creating retro, rockabilly, and vintage styles, and she also works with Iconic Pinups photo studio in Los Angeles. In addition to her own studio, Stacy also offers makeup and hair styling services on location.

Kelly Grace Vintage Hairstyles

The team at Kelly Grace Vintage Hairstyles specializes in vintage hairstyles and makeup for special events. They also offer curl sets and vintage brush outs. The team also features makeup artist Sarah London Bergman, who is well known for creating period looks for productions. Pin Ups & Pompadours is another full-service salon where clients can choose from a variety of classic and modern styles. Its sister salon, Rosa O Artistry, specializes in beautiful vintage and classic looks.

Kelly’s work draws inspiration from her artistic upbringing. Her grandfather, a clown and puppeteer, worked on the carnival circuit in the 1950s. Her parents were also creative and built sets for local churches. They modeled their hairstyles after the hairstyles Grace wore in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” movie.

These edgy vintage hairstyles feature sculptural accents, asymmetrical curls, simple buns, and elegant waves. They help revive the charm of the past while allowing the wearer to feel like a queen from another era. Grace Kelly’s style also goes well with her other vintage ensembles. Short skirts, leggings, and hand-made accessories were popular in the emancipation period. During this time, women had to wear the correct makeup and hairstyle to be beautiful and fit for the occasion.

For a wedding, a classic retro updo is essential. The classic grace Kelly style features one-sided bobs and soft waves. A low victory roll shaped into a chignon is another vintage winner. An elegant birdcage veil completes the look.

Rosa O Artistry

Rosa O Artistry Hair Styles at Pin up Studio is a full service salon that specializes in elegant vintage looks. The studio offers services for bridal makeovers and vintage events. This full service salon is perfect for your next event, whether it’s a hen night or a vintage-themed event.

Artistic Impressions by Riviera

In the Tampa Bay area, the hairstylists at Artistic Impressions by Riviera specialize in vintage hair styles, including 1950s bedroom curls and pinup-styled hair. Their work has been recognized by The Bride magazine and New Times magazine. A published pinup, Candice Poucher specializes in wig styling and vintage hairstyles.

The art of pin-up photography is an enduring one. It can be found in almost every art gallery in the country. The Riviera is home to numerous professional photographers. Some of these photographers work in fashion, film, and editorial design. Many of them have been in the business for years and know what they’re doing. They also understand the importance of maintaining a professional and creative image and are committed to making sure every image is perfect.

Iconic Pinups

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a pinup photo shoot, you’ve come to the right place. With a professional lighting and camera set-up, you can capture the look of a golden-age movie starlet. Experiment with clothes and camera angles, and feel like a pinup goddess of old.

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