Terrysnatural is a cannabidiol-focused start-up company. We strive to offer CBD users a consistent, easy and convenient product that is a genuine alternative to the well known CBD oil. We also offer CBD users a better solution. That’s why we have partnered with a reliable production team with over 50 years of pharmaceutical technology knowledge. Together, we have developed a premium CBD powder unique on the market and offers almost infinite possibilities for further processing and other dosage types. It can be directly added into liquids, integrated into a pill, a capsule, a bag or any other dosage.


Some of our CBD Powder’s Most Interesting Essential Features:

  • 0 per cent THC is very soluble in water
  • Easy dosing / easy manipulation
  • Product Stability Enhanced
  • Degrees in food (manufacturer FSSC certified)
  • Scale-Up without limitations
  • Can be produced, if requested, following rigorous GMP rules
  • 3rd party GMP Laboratory Quality-testing

Why is Water-Soluble CBD Important?

It’s all about chemistry. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid—one of more than 100 plant cannabis compounds. (CBD differs from tetrahydrocannabinol [THC], for background only — another cannabinoid responsible for the highest level of cannabis. CBD is psychoactive and isn’t going to get you high.)

Cannabinoids are lipophilic; they are best dissolved in fats or oils. They are “fat-friendly.” This is why CBD oils and tinctures are frequently created from “carrier” oil such as MCT or coconut oil and why cannabinoid recipes are usually merged with fatty products, such as oil or butter. The problem is that most of our bodies are water — and because oil and water are not mixed. Standard CBD oil is not efficiently absorbed in our systems. In some estimates, you may only take up 6 per cent of the CBD included when ingesting an oil-based CBD product! That’s up to 94 per cent (and paid for) of CBD you expected!

How water-soluble CBD is made

Some CBD brands have been able more bioavailable to boost CBD absorption – that’s, to have a better effect on the body. The process and emulsify CBD to make tiny particles and turn them into a water-friendly, more absorbable form. You are likely to absorb more CBD with these water-soluble CBD products than when taking oil-based CBD products.

This state of the art water-solubility technology makes Terrysnatural CBD powder. It blends with meals without flavor, calories and fast-resolving powder and dissolves rapidly and invisibly into any fluid. As the Terrysnatural CBD powder is highly water-soluble, it is absorbed faster and safer than oil-based CBD in the body. A recent study by human participants from the Colorado State University discovered that water-soluble CBD solvent powder was absorbed 4.5 times better than oil-based CBD, reaching peak concentrations in less than an hour.

How To Use Water-Soluble CBD

In many forms, from gummies and other foods to elixirs, tinctures, capsules, sprays and pullovers, water-soluble CBC may be applied. Everyone is meant to supply the CBD in a more bioavailable form while they differ in quality, value and taste. Suppose you’re searching for a firm that offers the most excellent flexibility with your lifestyle. In that case, soluble CBD polish is a perfect choice because you can blend coffee and smoothies into a batch of cookies from morning breakfast.

Concerning CBD powders, Terrysnatural CBD dissolvable powder allows you to include even more high-quality CBD in your day-to-day router. It is a genuinely neutral addition to what you eat or drink, with no flavors, calories, or sweets without any taste or texture difference. Sprinkle it even in a glass of water.


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